Can't Afford Hearing Aids? This Viral Hearing Company Just Slashed Prices 95%... 

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"They've got devices starting at just $99, and 1000s of people say they're better than their $5,000 hearing aids. Is Audien the best hearing tech on the market?"

Melissa Potter / January 7, 2023

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"I can't believe it." 

I truly couldn't believe my ears. 

I put in these new Audien Atoms, and I knew instantly what I had been missing out on for all these years.

The little sounds of life that you don't notice or appreciate -- they all came pouring back at once.

I heard the rustle of the leaves in the wind, the birds chirping, the laughter of my granddaughter down the hall...

All things I had let slip away over the years. 

But now, my life had changed for the better, all thanks to trying Audien.


Do you know how many people in the world suffer from hearing loss?

The answer: more than 500 million people.

So, if you're feeling alone with your hearing loss... you're not.

There's a good reason for this -- modern life means exposure to lots of loud noise every day.

You can damage your hearing just by listening to music at high volume, not to mention the sounds of vehicles, music, and other modern day sounds that destroy your hearing.

All of this noise leads to permanent hearing damage -- and that's something that should be taken seriously.

Your hearing is precious. Not only does it help you connect with your life and the ones you love...

But your hearing is a crucial part of your brain's health. 

In fact, studies by Johns Hopkins University have even tied hearing loss to an increased likelihood of dementia, depression and Alzheimer's. 

So it's more important than ever to maintain your hearing health -- for the sake of your life, your loved ones, and your brain. 

You CAN improve your hearing.

It may seem like all hope is lost, but don't worry.

You can improve your hearing (and your brain function) with the right help.

That's why it's so important to recognize if you have hearing loss.

Here are a few of the biggest signs...

  • You have to keep the TV volume up really high
  • Your spouse, friends or family complain about you asking them to repeat themselves
  • You don't notice the "little" sounds like the wind, the rustle of the leaves, the birds chirping...
  • You often "check out" of conversations because you can't understand
  • You feel left out, and struggle to socialize (especially in loud restaurants)

If any of these apply to you, you might just have hearing loss.

Once you determine you have hearing loss, you have to make the decision to improve your hearing and your life.

And it's important you treat your hearing loss quickly, because with each passing day, your hearing gets worse.

And that means your brain function gets worse. It's a "use it or lose it" type of thing.

So if you think you have hearing loss, it really is urgent -- you need to get treatment now, not later.

Once you get to that point, though, the other big roadblock is money...

Hearing aids cost on average more than $4,600/pair.

So you have hearing loss, but you can't afford to spend $5k, $7k or more on hearing aids... now what?

The solution comes from a new, exciting hearing company that's slashing the prices on hearing technology by more than 95%.

A new hearing technology that's affordable for everyone - the Atom™

A new company, Audien Hearing, has revolutionized the hearing space with their affordable, rechargeable hearing devices.

Their Audien "Atom™" hearing aid is the most affordable hearing solution on the market, on sale for only $99/pair.

Audien devices are known for working "right out of the box", meaning you will be able to hear sounds crystal clear the moment you put them in your ear.

The difference is truly mind boggling. That's why most people "can't believe their ears" when they try Audien.

The Audien Atom comes with a wireless charging dock so you never have to pay for expensive hearing aid batteries...

Or fiddle around with tiny batteries to replace.

Just charge them at night, and enjoy all day battery.

The Atom is also small and discreet, featuring a patented in ear design, so you can wear it easily with glasses.

It uses powerful Atom™ sound technology to "turn down the volume" on pesky ringing, whistling or humming sounds that may annoy you in the background...

So you can hear the things you actually want to hear!

But the biggest benefit of the Atom™ is its insanely low price -- for only $99, you can transform your entire life instantly.

Not a bad deal (especially compared to $5,000).

How is the Atom™ so affordable?

Before, hearing aids cost $5,000/pair.

Now, you can get the Audien Atom™ for only $99. How is that even possible?

Cutting out the middle man.

Audien Hearing cuts out the middle man by selling directly from the factory to the consumer.

That means no expensive audiologist visits...

No in person hearing centers...

No fancy hearing tests...

No custom molds...

Just powerful hearing tech that works for 95% of customers, right out of the box.

And instead of spending 2-3 months getting your hearing aids set up (like the traditional route)...

You can get the Atom™ delivered right to your doorstep within 3-5 days of ordering. 

How does it work?

Audien Hearing went back to the basics when designing the Atom™, and got rid of all the features that cost extra.

Bluetooth, app streaming, hearing tests and programming are all cool features...

But they cost a lot of money.

Instead of adding all these features, Audien designed the most powerful, easy to use hearing technology at the lowest cost on the market. 

That way, everyone can use it easily right out of the box. 

Here's how you use the Atom™:

Step 1

Charge your Atom™ by inserting it into the dock. 

Step 2

Choose the ear tip that fits your ear most comfortably (try to find a good seal). 

Step 3

Turn on your Atom™, insert it into your ear, and be amazed at what you hear!

The Atom™ is changing lives every day, making it easier for people to connect with their loved ones and enjoy life to the fullest! 

The best part? 

Many customers haven't experienced life like this in years. 

It wasn't until they tried the Atom™ that they saw the light. 

Will the Atom™ work for me? 

The Atom™ was designed to be "one size fits all", meaning it works right out of the box for everyone.

That means anyone who has problems hearing could benefit from it!

Signs you'd benefit from the Atom™ include: 

  • You have to keep the TV volume up really high
  • Your spouse, friends or family complain about you asking them to repeat themselves
  • You don't notice the "little" sounds like the wind, the rustle of the leaves, the birds chirping...
  • You often "check out" of conversations because you can't understand
  • You feel left out, and struggle to socialize (especially in loud restaurants)
  • You can't afford traditional hearing aids
  • You don't want big, uncomfortable behind the ear hearing aids
  • You want something that's simple and easy to use (and doesn't have so many fancy controls)
  • You have "ringing" in your ears 

The Atom™ has two models to choose from, so one is almost certain to fit your ear canal perfectly! 

The Atom™ or the Atom™ Pro: How to Choose

Audien offers two models in its Atom™ series, the Atom™ and the Atom™ Pro.

Here are some of the differences between their features:

Why you should try Atom™ today

The point is, if you're reading this, you should probably give the Atom™ a try today.

You now know the negative effects hearing loss can have on your brain, health, and life...

You know that traditional hearing aids usually cost $5,000/pair...

And you know that you can try the Atom™ for as little as $99.

It seems clear that the Atom™ is the way to go, but in case you needed a few more reasons:

  • All Atom™ devices come with a 45 day money back guarantee
  • All Atom™ devices also include a 1 year warranty
  • Audien offers lifetime support to all its customers

There's simply no reason not to try the Atom™. 

So what are you waiting for? 

Try the Audien Atom™ hearing aids today!



Audien Hearing just hit over 350,000 customers, and they're offering a limited time deal to our readers to celebrate!

Now, you can get the Atom™ or Atom™ Pro for 20% off!

Just use the code: HEAR20 at checkout to claim your exclusive discount. 

Hurry, this is likely not to last long... order now to guarantee this sale!

Frequently asked questions

How is Atom so affordable?

Audien cuts out the middleman and sells hearing products directly from the factory to the customer, removing expensive hearing centers, audiologists, brick-and-mortar overhead costs, and sales reps. This allows them to offer an extremely powerful device at the most competitive price we’ve ever seen for such a device.

Do I need a hearing test?

It’s never a bad idea to get a hearing test, but you don’t need one to try Atom. Just order online, and receive your Atom hearing device at your doorstep in 3-5 days. You can wear them right out of the box!

Will these work for me?

Our hearing devices work for the majority of people who try them. But if they don’t work for you, we have a 45-day money-back guarantee. There’s no risk to trying Atom — we want everyone who can benefit from clear hearing to get that chance without a worry!

Will Atom fit my ears?

Atom’s comfortable design is as small as possible, while keeping the best sound quality. It includes multiple ear domes to fit your specific ear.

Are these as good as $5,000 prescription hearing aids?

Atom does not have all the bells and whistles that prescription hearing aids do, but it provides all the features you NEED to improve your hearing! Plus it costs 95% LESS than prescription hearing aids. If you try Atom and don’t like it, you can always return it and get prescription devices!

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